Review Rover

Review Rover is about customer satisfaction

Every business wants to be known for world-class service, but how do you achieve it?
Review Rover allows you to gather staff-focused reviews so you can monitor customer satisfaction and employee performance, thereby improving both.

Moreover, Review Rover can streamline your customer communication pipeline with customizable text and email messages before and after appointments.

Review Rover

A One-Two Punch for Customer Service

– Get vital customer experience feedback
– Generate and Curate Reviews for Your Business

Review Rover Features

Pre-appointment, post-appointment, review portal –
take a look at all you get with the Review Rover platform.

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How does Review Rover Compare?

Review Rover passes the test.

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What You Don’t Know About Your Customer Service Performance Can Hurt You

– Improve retention
– Measure employee CS performance
– Level up your NPS

Review Rover is about customers.

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